South Meetup Viability Study

Please submit proposed meetup locations in South to South-West

This isn’t a meetup, more of a “send me a proposed location to go scout” so I can get some info for organisers. I know there are lots of locations on drone scene, but it’s tricky to sift through to determine whether a given location is just good for a quick cinematic flight, a FPV bando rip, or has what we need for a meetup.

There has been quite a bit of talk about hosting a meetup South-West & South in addition to @bmsleight and co’s great work sorting stuff for South-East.

Specifically, I’m probably looking at locations within or not too far out from this boundary (yes, very selfishly centres around my home town of Bournemouth :sweat_smile: ):

Stealing from Brendan, I want to check locations for:

So, weather permitting, I’ll go to each location and compile a report of:
i) best parking (what3words)
ii) best meetup/flight area (what3words)
iii) details of walk from car park to flight area (including vid if possible)
iv) details of any adjacent amenities (cafe, toilet, etc)
v) details of nearby FRZ’s
vi) cinematic of flight area
vii) quick fpv rip of flight area if poss

Locations I remember seeing on the forum that are already on my list and I’ll be checking out:

  1. Broadmarsh Coastal Park Havant (@macspite going to check this one out): South East England Meet-up | Sunday 22rd Oct | Knockholt - #10 by macspite
  2. Farley Mount Monument: Farley Mount Monument - Added to Historic Buildings in South East - #3 by smudge202

Please submit any others you think would be good. If you have all the info already, great. If not, let me know where it is and I’ll go get the info! :smiley:


no suggestions sorry as I don’t know the area, however in the north west we seem to have found a recently abandoned golf course that offers some good clear lines of sight as well as other interesting bits

maybe have a look through here at some of your local abandoned golf courses… something relatively recently abandoned means it may not have been redeveloped for housing or whatever (yet), plus they still sometimes have a cafe too in the old club house and parking

there is also a map with pins in it too if the names mean nothing to you (like me)

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Three possibles on the eastern side of your map
Southsea ( lots of space)
Bognor Regis ( coast would be good for a change)
Cowdray Park Midhurst


Oh neat, certainly wasn’t something I’d have considered so thanks for the idea and links. I’ll have to do some digging.

Great suggestions.
Southsea Common & Beach would be great with the monuments and open area for sub-250g flying, but unfortunately the bigger drones would probably not be allowed? (Widest open space there is 300m so if the common was completely empty we’d only just be able to sit in the middle and maintain 150m horizontal separation)?

Bognor Regis definitely has some promise, think I’ll play on the satelite maps and see what I can find online before taking a drive over and around Sidlesham, Merston, Colworth, Aldingbourne. Could possibly speak to the LEC Airfield/Bognor Regis Gliding Club to see if they’d be open to us stealing some airspace for a bit too.

Cowdray House/Park also looks good, that one is going straight on my list to checkout! :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep them coming!

Great little website - back to the good old days of niche websites.

Two near me look possible sites

(‘Strong interest’ expected as Selsdon hotel goes on the market | Inside Croydon)

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Great idea. In diary but as newbie not really able to offer location.

Any joy @smudge202 ?

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Had a bunch of stuff on end of last week (already seen Dune 2 twice :sweat_smile: ) but planning to hit at least 2 sites this Saturday if weather permits

Farley mount.
Limited parking (gets busy in good weather), I’m not aware of any toilets, and a bit of a rugged walk from the carpark.
Very limited space for TOAL and a nearby farmstrip.


Fraser Range - Historical landmark
Southsea, Portsmouth
There is parking albeit rough ground and also a 1.9 m height barrier but usually space outside for higher vehicles. Lots of history to this place (besides the filming of a Dr. Who episode in 1971 !). There are public toilets not too far away and a cafe/ chippy even closer.


Also did that this weekend in between rain and flying. Had not been to cinema in ages.

Look good - if we keep way from the beach

I started to do an Edit on my post to warn about naturist beach but decided that one way or another people would find out. Years ago there was a fence and ww11 blocks where the MOD/Navy would fly a red flag on this beach to warn people of flying bullets. Of course as kids we ignored the warnings !

I think this is sub-250g site only?