South Prom Blackpool, new scooter, new camera


Love this.

Haters can fuck off


Love it - great video :clap: :clap: :clap:

Got to get myself a 360 - trying to decide between the One X2 and the One RS. Like the form of the One X2 but its been out a while now and knowing my luck Insta will release an update the second I buy - so I’m edging towards the RS because I don’t have an action camera either :thinking: :man_shrugging:


This YT guy does some really good, in-depth, reviews of 360 kit. Tend to be rather long vids - but you can’t do “in-depth” quickly.


@Jhdee I just got the One X2, after suffering months of crap output from my Qoocam 8K. The One X2 will also serve as a great action cam as you can just reframe as I did on this video or if you want you can switch to one lens 150degree video mode. For a good dedicated action cam look at the Insta Go2.

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What did you use to mount on the Scooter Phil ?

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@milkmanchris Just a plastic handle bar mount Chris but when I extended the pole the weight of everything tried to twist the mount vertical so I ended up supporting the pole across my shoulder. Will have to get one of these me thinks…

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Yep - Ben is very knowledgeable and explains things really well :+1: :+1: :+1:


I don’t have a 360 - not overly interested in getting one. But I still watch all his stuff because I find it so interesting and informative … and it’s good to keep in touch with developing tech.

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I’d like to get one to video the dog - he’s such an erratic muppet, being able to re-frame would make things so much easier.

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Ben also has nice teeth, but we covered that in another thread…

Look at SmallRig much nicer and better made (but cheaper too)

  • i’m jealous of his gnashers too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

EVERYone is going to be stuffing 360 cameras in their mouths to check. :rofl:

£13.90 Amazon brilliant, can attach to my mobility scooter arm with the 1m pole invisible on the Insta360 One RS like this

… definitely not me - I may have to prise one out the dog’s mouth though :thinking: :flushed: :joy:

That might be an amazing video!

@milkmanchris @yorkie9668 ordered, gotta love a bargain…Thanks…


SmallRig is excellent

Amazon is very convenient but a lot more expensive for it, check out their store on ebay, usually lots of discount vouchers

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+1 for SmallRig kit - excellent quality :+1:

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