South Stack Lighthouse, a Seagull & Some Telephone Wires!

Beautiful location for this one, although a couple of butt-clenching moments, one involving a seagull and one involving telephone/power lines, slightly tempered the peacefulness. Beautiful sunlight and could clearly view the outline of Snowdonia. God, I love North Wales.

If you enjoyed this, please visit for much more, including drone, landscape and music photography.


Excellent video, I love the single-take, smooth flying style!


Thank you for your comment, but this was a Litchi mission. I couldn’t trust myself to fly this manually, what with the height of the cliffs.

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Another great vid @Mavic2Pro the more I see what Litchi can do the more I think I will get it at some point. Although its still only as good as what the creator programs into it :+1:t2:

Ahhhh yeah! Magnificent. Did you take off from that car park at the end of the road?

Great work mate.

Don’t hang back. This app is worth every single penny spent on it.

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Do hang back.

Litchi is always on offer at various points in the year. Black Friday deals are only round the corner :wink:


Cheers for the tip :+1:t2:

Just looked at Litchi on playstore and it doesn’t list either MM or MA2 as compatible. Does anyone know if they are definitely compatible?

Mavic Mini is still in beta.

MA2 not as yet

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Ah thanks for the info Chris. Looks like I will have to wait for now anyways :+1:t2:

From what I have read, they have the SDK(?) for each so it is very likely in the near future.