South Wales drone repairs

Morning all. Some of you may have seen my post about the struggle to find a local shop/repair people in South Wales. Hope it’s ok to publish this link.

Sounds useful.

If you get to use them, don’t forget to post about your experience. :+1:


Will do. I received the recommendation from a local drone surveying/photography company called AvCo Drones

I will let everyone know how it went. So far so good drone being delivered to company tomorrow afternoon.

Hi all.
Not sure of this is the right place, or of we can do recommendations.
Thank you to all who offered advice for my first proper crash of my MP.
Crash into a plastic bin resulted in a damaged gimbal vibration board. I managed to replace myself but, a lot of other problems occured resulting in damaged forward vision sensors. were recommended to me.
4 days later all repaired and flying beautifully.
So just to say thank you DJ at South Wales Drones.


Ah! Forward sensor ribbon cable.

Glad it’s all sorted. :+1: