Southsea Meet-up

Dave / @OzoneVibe and I meet up in Portsmouth this morning to fly out to Spitbank Fort and the local area.

A couple of pics from the morning

A boat on a ship!

Spitbank Fort from above

Spitbank Fort through the navigation lights



Some MP photos for comparison …


I like the last one, really good view of the Harbour and city


Wow ! great photos guys. Very impressive


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Hi Brian which drone are you using I have a mavic platinum and a Spark

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Click on his avatar and look at his profile, and it tells you. :wink:

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Hi Brian I had the CX20 Cheerson drone was a great drone would love to meet up one Sunday to can teach me a few tips on flying my mavic platinum To date I have never flown over water bit nervous hate to see it going into the sea. One more thing can’t remember if I asked you this. I tried to download a video but it says file is too big how do I reduce the video size so I can show them on this site. Regards Irvine

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Sure we can arrange something Irvine. Where are you located as it’s not in your profile?

Regarding your video download, just need a check a couple of things.

Are you trying to download from the drone?
If so, what are you trying to download onto, a tablet or a computer?

Hi Brian I live in North End Portsmouth and would love to meet up. Although I’ve had my drones a good while I class myself as a novice and as I said I have never flown over water or gone over 500m in either of my drones

The thought of losing a very expensive drone scares me I have insurance with Flycarius which seems to cover any major incidents. If you have a better one please let e know. Regarding the videos I’ve tried loading them direct from my iOS iPad but it’s the same old story file too large even though Iam recording in 1080

What’s strange is I can do it on facebook and have a couple on there already. Hoping you can resolve this issue. Regards Irvine :blush::ok_hand:

Bye the way I am a young 73 smiles

Only a slip of a boy at 65 James, part of the Silver Surfers brigade !

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Will contact via the DM Irvine

Would be a member of the silver surfers brigade, but 1,not “quite” old enough yet, and 2,think you need to have hair to be a member!!!:wink::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hi Brian sorry what’s DM looking forward to getting together soon just hope the weather changes. Regards Irvine

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No worries, DM is direct message. You should have a green notification next to your profile picture on the left and a link in your drop down notifications.

And yes, do need weather to improve!

Love it!