Southsea (Portsmouth) - 27/28 (31st?) December


Crap pano stitching … but I totally forgot to check out and set the exposure beforehand.


What a superb evening that was!


I’m going to skip on a planned foggy meetup in the morning … not sure if it will happen.
Think it may have faded before first light.
I’ll wake early (5-ish) and make a quick decision when I look out of the window.

Sunday and Monday look possible for doing something.


Catching sunsets.


You’ve got me geed up for a flight now :wink: I may drive to butser hill for a sunrise tomorrow, but I’ve just had to put main car into garage for an oil leak so I’ll be in a cold slow 70s land rover… Hmmm I wonder how motivated I’ll be tomorrow am!!!


I’m getting everything charged … in case it looks irresistible @ 5am.


You thinking butser?


If it looks good for fog/mist - yup. 45 minute drive for me, so it needs to look pretty spot-on.
Sunrise is close to 8am … so would hope to be in the car park @ 7am if it’s on.


You flown there before? I was trying to work out if it’s “allowed” or not


Nope - not flown there before.


It’s owned by Hampshire CC …. which is better than had it been EH/NT.

Flown my paraglider there … some years ago.


pmsl … StreetView of the track up to the top! #PermissionGranted! :rofl:


There’s a model glider club with permission for anybody insured to fly there, members or not. Bet they hate drones :wink:


That event is organised by a paragliding club - so they still fly there.
But - no/little wind means they’ll stay tucked up in bed.
Should be fine.


Just need some FOG! :wink:


I’ve looked out of the window, there’s a bit of haze, but I don’t see fog/must that will warrant getting up @ silly o’clock and the journey … this time.

Checked the M27 cameras, too, and if anything it looks clearer Portsmouth way than here (Soton Airport).

Supported by updated Met Office warning …

Looks good to fly somewhere, later today … even sunshine! :hushed: And both Sunday and Monday look good to fly.
Any ideas for those?


No worries I saw your 5am post and went back to bed :wink:

I’m away in Cornwall next week, but I’ll be flying drone down there for sure!!!


Another from next to Southsea Castle, last evening.


Hi amazing shots of the pier. How do you get around flying over the road with traffic and people below you. I just seem to attract shouty people when I do that despite adhering to all safety and common sense guidelines.



By taking off from a secluded patch of ground and being as inconspicuous as possible.
Take off …. into position … take pic …. back and land. Under 30 seconds. :wink: