Southsea (Portsmouth) - 27/28 (31st?) December

Who trusts weather forecasts … but all of this cannot be wrong?

Friday (currently) looking better … but I’ll keep an eye on it and let anyone interested know when(/if) I’ll be headed down there.

One weather forecast site I use is suggesting high chances of fog both days … that could be interesting too. :wink:

Going back for a better couple of Litchi flights out to Spitbank Fort … and anything else that looks good.

Anyone welcome!

(Note: This assumes I get the fan on my MP working, obviously.)


Can you keep me in the loop.

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I might pop down for this Ozone, subject to Xmas madness plans! Keep me in loop regards day and time etc!


Will do - I’ll update in this thread.


@Longstride @SkyJumper

Forecast still looking doable one of the days.

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@Longstride @SkyJumper

Currently (!) … Thursday pm looks like it will be best.

Forecasts are suggesting Thursday night / Friday morning could be very misty/foggy … contemplating heading up to Butser Hill, or possibly Portsdown Hill, early Friday for some “above the fog/mist” pics. :wink:

Thurs could be tricky, but I’d be up for the friday early AM trip!

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We’ll see how the weather unfolds. :+1:

@Longstride @SkyJumper

I’m still planning to be in Southsea tomorrow, getting there a bit before midday, and I’ll probably stay and try and get some sunset, evening shots … if the weather follows the instructions of the forecast.

Final confirmation in the morning.

Anyone else interested?

The “fog-cast” for first thing on Friday seems to have been reduced … so an update during tomorrow on doing something then , too.

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@OzoneVibe I’m going to be tinkering with Landrovers tomorrow until afternoon, but I’ll have the drone with me so keep me in the loop. Esp if you’re going to be out til dusk, as I could make it down to join you for that!

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I’m also tracking this patch of decent weather … generally, not necessarily Southsea … on Monday 31st. So may try getting out to do something that day.

NYE = Fireworks … :thinking:


Cool - will do! :+1:

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I’ll be headed down to Southsea to be there about 11:30 (Location pin in the map-link above the first post - or PM me.)

Intending to stay there until after dark to get in some sunset/night shots - leaving around 18:00 ish.

@Longstride @SkyJumper … and anyone else interested.

Well - the wind isn’t as light, nor the direction as sou-westerly, as I’d prefer for doing Litchi missions 1km off-shore …. but I’ll just have to keep an eye on the battery levels. Two flights out there, per battery, may not happen today. So lots of sitting in the car with the engine running to recharge (or take my inverter).

I was also wanting a very calm sea for reflections …. that won’t be happening … although with the wind being off-shore it might not be too bad.

Edit: Monday still looking like it could be good … somewhere in the area.

Wind very light. Quite pleasant.


One Litchi Mission flight done. Some screen grabs from video.

Still not properly “centering” on the fort. Tinkering needed.


Could be good for sunsets, soon! :+1:


One of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen in the UK. (Phone doesn’t do justice.)

Drone pics later.


Can’t believe you send your Mavic out on a litchi mission that far over the sea;)

Any thoughts on tomorrow am?

If it’s “that far out” over land, and it goes down, I’d never find it! :wink:

Hmmm …. tomorrow …. MetOffice has given a fog warning, but I’m struggling to find the same strength of prognosis on other weather sites I use.

I’ll give it some more research and post later.

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That was one epic sunset … it went on for ever in the sky!

South Parade Pier - Southsea