Spare props - ever used them out in the field?

We all have spare props, right?

Do you ever take them out in the field with you?

And more importantly, have you ever had to change props while out and about?

The reason I ask? I carry spare props with me all the time. I have no idea why. If I crash I’m pretty sure I’m not going to try and fix the drone in the field… that’s a job for back home, surely?

So why the hell do I take spare props with me, everywhere I go?!

  • Take with me, never changed whilst out
  • Take with me, have changed whilst out
  • Leave mine at home
  • WTF?! I don’t have any spare props?!??

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Keep a spare of each type in my battery case.
Bought a load of “in case” spares when Maplins were going tits up … great price! :+1:
Only used 3 replacements in 18 months. My stock will last years! LOL!

I take a set with me, take up so little room in the bag

Never carried spare props with me. Always thought that if I have a crash it’ll be a major one!

Yeah I think that was my line of thinking too!

A few weeks ago, I had an inquisitive dog appear from nowhere and almost stick it’s nose in the props just before I landed.
Had he done so and a prop was damaged, home was 45 miles away … just for a prop.
Take no room and no weight … easy to have with you … imo.

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After my recent mishap with a broken prop which I changed once I got home I never thought much more about it. I bought the Air fly more combo which comes with two sets of props, one of which I carry in my bag for emergencies, or so I thought.

I’ve only flown once since the mishap and that was only briefly, so I thought I’d put a whole new set on and keep the old set as spare. I took the set out of the bag only to discover they were all the same!! They were the ones with the two dots only, which fit opposite corners,

The other set was still in the box and these were all without the dots,

I thought I’d been carrying a full set of props but it was only half a set, that has now been rectified. Has anybody else done this or just me?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::tongue:


Now then… about that Plonker badge you already have… :rofl:


Do we need a “Repetitive Plonker” badge? :wink:


NEVER had to replace any props, on any of my drones.
I check them before, and after every flight, and clean them meticulasly.

deeerr!, me brain hurts !!!
Am i missing something here?
Only joking Paul!
If i sold all me spare props, i’d be £100 towards me MP2 !!

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Only that the two sets of props in the Combo package are not set up as one set per pack. They each contain four props of the same type so putting one of these in your bag for in the field repairs might actually be useless if you damage the wrong prop


Maybe a ‘Mangetout Rodney’ badge :smiley:


Are, now my Dementia has cleared, i see what you mean !!


//Plonker avoidance tactics engaged//
//Double checks prop stocks//

One of each MP prop in each box from DJI.
One of each in with my kit.



The nice thing about a set of DJI props in the card thing is that they are so thin you can put them in the little tiny pocket in your bag that you always wondered what it was for!
Sod’s law says that the absolute perfect, once in a lifetime shot will be the time you haven’t got a spare prop. Likewise, the internal 8Gb in the Air is a godsend for those times you forget to put the memory card straight back in.

Just make sure it’s the full set :wink:


I bought some low noise ones for my P4 and wanted to compare with the standard ones and they were 5-6 decibels quieter, well impressed for the price. Has anyone tried the LED novelty ones for UFO effect?

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I have had to change once, when i crashed my Mavic into myself… :rofl: (damaged one of the props badly, the others were slightly scuffed so swapped them anyway)