Speedybee f405 inav LEDs (2812)

anyone managed to program the LEDs on a SpeedyBee f405 wing in inav.

I know a bit about neopixel LEDs … what confuses me is there is 4x data led ports… but inav only seems to work with 1 string… and all LEDs must be in series because of how the data bus works

so… how does it work with the SpeedyBee f405 wing… with 4x separate ports (I can’t seem to get a pattern)

Pretty sure they all just do the same thing. And you use the boot button on the USB board to cycle through the different configs.

I managed to get one of the strips to work, but I suspect I need to have them wired as a string and just ignore the other 3 ports, was hoping someone else may have got the to work

the other port just flashed random colours

bit of update on this

the neopixel led ports do work BUT (as I suspected) if you want say 16 LEDs in 4x strips and every led to be a different colour then you must wire them in series and plug the end of the string into ONE led port. it doesn’t matter which port


if you want say 4x4 led arrangement where all of the 4 arrays display the same colours (think 4 arms of a drone each with an 4 pixel led strip), then each strip will be plugged into one of the ports
each of the LEDs in each arm can be a different colour, but the sequence is replicated across the 4 arms

so if you want say a red array on left and a green array on the right (port and starboard) then you will have to plug the arrays in series


which is red and which is green does not matter as that is programmed in inav along with if you want them to flash or landing lights or afterburner or whatever takes your fancy

have fun and show your led ideas

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