Spending the weekend flying

Latest video from this weekend, happy with how this one turned out and the new editing tricks. Even though it ends with a Dronie…i’m disappointed in myself :sweat_smile:

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Great flying and shooting… lovely location.
Well edited too, well done :+1:t4:


Thank you @McSteamy2010

I took inspiration from you for the speed rap clip from your test video the other day!

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Ah good to hear mate, adds a very cinematic look doesn’t it. :ok_hand:

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Looks spot on to me , well done and thanks for sharing

Amazing Video! Where was it you were shooting?


Thank you @WeeJubya @scottydog

The locations in the video are Carsington Water & Shipley Country Park

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Nice site and vid :+1:Where they clay or gravel pits at about 0.56 ? Im a fossil hunter ( tho not yet in the UK ), so finding “new” sites is always good.

Thanks @silverfox682

I’m not too sure what exactly they are, i know the site used to be an American Adventure Theme park which closed down around 15 years or so ago. It’s called Shipley Lake, Heanor if you’re wanting to do any research on it.

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Really enjoyed that! Nice locations :+1:

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Cheers @Ste313 Appreciate it :+1:t3: