Squirrels Pinching my bird food

GoPro 8 and Sony DSLR 3500


Put a piece of plastic pipe, about 4" in diameter, round the feeded post, That will stop the tree rats from climbing up to the top and stealing the bird food. If you place an upturned ice cream box on the top it stops the birds getting trapped.

Good call, I’d probably not have thought of that :+1:t2:

These work:


as does living where there aren’t any squirrels for miles, alas.

For a cheap answer, a 24 “ Diameter circle of 12mm Plywood, with a 12” skirt of thickish polythene stapled around the edge works as well.

Just ordered the lil bastards have chewed the plastic as well now bloody air rifle would be better cull a few grrrrr

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Shoot bloody the things, they are not native to this country, if they were red I would say put up with it they were here first :grinning:

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They’re not bad eating actually, on the grill, cooked outside with some nice seasoning, very gamey.

Go well with a chilled beer, good talking point too at any future social gatherings

Put some citronella around bottom of pole after purchasing dome and squirrel resistant feeders fffs spent £50+ and that is all it needed not been near it today CITRONELLA :+1:

Sorted :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now you need to install a GoPro looking down through the dome to record the frustrated squirrels trying to defeat the defences.

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Ha ha yes of course :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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