SSSI layer

As the topic seems to come up often on its own or in other threads is it worth adding the data into dronescene as an optional layer, defaulted to off but something users can turn on. Much like the NI layer.

Whilst no specific information on what the actual SSSI is in said location would be displayed (I assume, unless witchcraft?) to the end user it at least guides them to suggest do more research before you fly here.

I don’t know how easy it is to get the data in, it looks like it’s open access data? Perhaps the following pages are a starter for 10?

England - Sites of Special Scientific Interest (England) -

Scotland - Site of Special Scientific Interest (Scotland) -


Not all SSSIs have the same wildlife law issues regarding overflight, and most that do, will be seasonal, though.

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That’s why I suggest it’s up to the user to do additional research and the layer is off by default. It’s just another tool to the switch blade knife that the space you think is ok to fly in, might come with caveats.


Imagine the ‘debate’ around that ;o)

The NT ‘issue’ is bad bad enough

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A popular local GA and microlight airfield near me is comlletely INSIDE an SSSI! Until they appear on 250k aircharts is my opinion…!

Cheers - Rob

I use Droneprep which shows the SSSIs and then look at the Defra Magic website to find out more details. I agree SSSIs can be designated for very varied reasons and many have no restrictions. Others may have restrictions at certain times of the year, cos of nesting birds etc. It just takes a bit of homework.

I volunteer with several local nature conservation groups and fly at a couple of SSSIs with the permission of Natural England.

So yes it would be good to have SSSIs as a layer - and advice on where to look for further info.

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The quarry I flew over last week was a SSSI - can’t see much life growing or living there…


So you’re the one :wink: