St Andrew, Didling

A quick and dirty edit. I’m trying to teach myself Resolve. For some reason I can’t get the saturation of the aerial shots down. Still, no doubt the HDR fans amongst you won’t mind :slight_smile:

And, yes the main reason for this was puerile humour. Didling is a hamlet a couple of miles west of Cocking [snigger] but the Cocking Lime Works is too overgrown to make a decent picture.

Also in West Sussex is another snigger worthy village but there is little worth of a picture in Fulking.


Thanks for sharing.
I am also trying to get used to Resolve, but the colour grading defeats me.

I love the colouring non it. Do you recorded in D-cínelike and color it in post? Or you record in normal?
If you don’t mind me also asking, on the first two stills I can see the “Mac pointy hand”.
Is that on porpoise?

The stills are from a couple of 360 panis - screenshots taken from a full screen. The hand is due to a: me being in a hurry and b: my failing eyesight not spotting it. No grading has taken place in any of the shots taken on the ground, using an X£ zoom on an OSMO handle. The colour and sharpness were set at 0.

The aerials are from a Mavic Air which only offers MP4 or MOV and I played around with contrast and curves but could reduce the saturation. I need to spend a lot more time on colour grading tutorials :slight_smile:

Thank you for that.
To be honest I was more curious about the drone footage as I like the results. The colours are natural and looks great.
I also own a Mavic Air and I was made believe that if I shoot in D-Cinelike, I could do great things with the videos in post production. I underestimated how difficult is to colour grade and I now think that maybe shooting in normal mode my be the way for me.

What white balance setting are you using?, I find cloudy the best in all but brilliant sunshine (so almost never) I find the footage lends its self to grading a little better

I will persevere with Resolve. I am only just beginning to take video. I am far more comfortable with still photography as I grew up with hypo-stained fingers and a mental image of the world in black and white.

Then, after a while in advertising, I spent seven years taking aerial photos - Canon A1, lenses from 28mm to 300mm and 100ASA Fuji colour neg. All the decisions on colour were made by the printers back at the lab.

So now I have a hill to climb. GIMP is fine as many of the controls are analogous to photo printing and seem quite natural. Resolve is a different kettle of fish but I think it will be worthwhile keeping at it - there is a hell of lot to learn but it is a very capable piece of kit.

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Normally I stick it on auto. I’m at the stage where I need to concentrate on flying until I become half-competent. Once I have achieved that then I can start trying to take pictures in manual.

On this occasion I did set the WB to cloudy but it was a day with 50% cloud cover so conditions were changing according to where the camera was pointing. At the moment my editing tends to be confined to working out how much to cut and in what order to stick the bits together :slight_smile:

It’s always going to be troublesome setting a lut or correction to a clip that’s constantly changing the contrast on its own