St. Andrew’s Church in Great Finborough, Suffolk

Back into Suffolk for church number 13, and the rather impressive St. Andrew’s in Great Finborough, 10 miles East of Bury St Edmunds. Measured by drone the tower is around 43m high with some interesting brick banding. There are a number of 19th century gravestones here, and one modern one. This is to the radio presenter John Peel, who lived in Great Finborugh; and died in 2004. Enjoy!


At 1m40s - the camera is pointing about 30 degrees up ? Is this possible on the DJI Mini 2 ?
(Sorry if it is a newbie question)

Morning - this is a mini 3 thing only sadly, can gimbal up to 80 degrees, pretty sure the mini 2 only gimbals down. It does give some nice shots.

Mini 2


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Sorry, I was selling the Mini 2 short by 20 degrees! It’s been a while since I flew a Mini 2 Pro. And if I remember, you have to enable it in the settings first? Cheers OzoneVibe.

ie - from -x° to 0°

But the specs say the tilt it goes up to +35° … so that’ll be 35° short. Rather a lot!


Thanks! I will say nothing more to avoid embarrassing myself further!

Pro ?

Just continuing my catalogue of misinformation within this thread! Yes, Mini 2 (not) Pro!

A great video.
I believe churches make a good subject if you can find one not surrounded by trees.
Do you know if the spire was added to the tower later in its history? Just looks as if it might have been.

I agree, churches are great to film, but the trees can be evil. As far as i was told, the porch is the only original 15th century bit of the church left. The spire was rebuilt in the 1870’s; allegegedly using the colourful pattern to help a local squire could find his way home after hunting.

Hi , love this vid , think i asked you before but what vid editing programme are you using

Thanks Paul, I use Vegas Pro - and slowly getting the hang of it!