St Andrews Golf Course - 1st Hole

TOAL was in FRZ but ATC Luechars authorised flight. Will enter on Drone Scene with details on their procedure when I get back off hols. :+1:t2:

Taken 4/9/22 with mini2


Looks so different without the grandstands on it

Yes, I thought that. I was amazed how you can walk all over the course including the greens! Walking back from the 17th green we passed the Hotel that they cut the corner to land on the 18th fairway. The side is clad in wood and you can see all the imprints of golf ball dimples where they didn’t quite get it right! :joy:


The amount of hours I’ve played golf on this course over the last twenty years…

Hundreds, probably :man_shrugging:t2:

Tiger Woods and PGA on the last five PlayStations have a lot to answer for :blush:

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So the hotel has the sign

‘St Andrews Old Course Hotel’ depending on how brave you aim for one of the ‘O’s on the sign when cutting the corner :wink:

Having played there I went left , easier :wink:

Xbox and Wii for me :wink:

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Haha Apparently the locals get to play it at reduced cost for £340 for an annual ticket, which is only £70 over the single round rate and they can play as often as they like; Students at the Uni get the same deal.

Super jealous! I can cut or draw the ball so I’d go for it (with a mulligan of course). Did the same on 11th at Belfry landed dry but overcut it into a root of a tree. Mates went conventional route and all got birdies… I bogeyed it. :joy: