St Benets - Video


Kept it relatively short for a change

St Benets Norfolk

That’s lovely :+1:


Nice Paul, did you colour grade the video or is that straight from the card?


It was tweaked slightly, because of the frost and the sun not quite up it was looking washed out, I try not to overdo it so things don’t look too unnatural.
Everything from 1:39 is shot as is without any colouring and straight from the card, the sun was up at this point so everything had a lovely orange/red tint


Hi Paul
Was going to say the same as @milkmanchris
I saw this earlier today when you upped it on YouTube
I know it is frosty but just a tad more grading at the beginning wouldn’t harm it I don’t think
But as always perfect flight and panning if only I could stop moving the sticks
May try pinching instead of thumbing like Ken Heron…


I did think that Jeff but then I didn’t want it to look too drastic when it changed shot, all criticism welcome though :+1:


So do you pinch or thumb? :thinking:


I thumb :+1: I tried the pinch method when I first got it but it just feels awkward


LOVE the colours @ 1:23!!!

I mean - it’s all good - but after the muted early-morning colours before that it came as a really impressive contrast!

Was that conical shaped building once a windmill, I’m guessing?

Good use of @EricMatyas’ music, too! :+1:


Great video Paul !


Beautiful. That shot at 1’ 25" is a winner. Grab a 4K still and enter it for the next CountryFile calendar. Seriously.


That video sequence coming out of the reed bed at 1.42 ,is superb !.
In fact it’s ALL bloody good !


Thanks guys I appreciate the comments, I could probably do another video with what I left out but wanted to keep it shorter than my usual 4-5mins

@OzoneVibe It was a windmill, it’s history can be found here

@SteveBell Thanks Steve but they might object as drones are not allowed on their property, I took off from a nearby path but I think it is still owned by them. I did actually take a still from around that time frame




Could pass as taken from the ground, what they don’t know wont hurt them ;o)


Such a shame (aka “effing massive omission!”) that, even on the more recent M2P/Z, DJI still won’t implement simultaneous photos whilst recording video.

Admittedly with the M2s at max bit-rate there might be processor limitations, but not at any resolution would definitely get them the Plonker Badge if they posted here.

My 9 year old DSLR can happily mange it … and most digital cameras and phones. Why are DJI bucking the trend on this?