St Josephs seminary 2nd visit

So we went again to the seminary. This time we actualy managed to get inside for a quick look around. The place is amazing…
Anyway here is my quick vid for you guys.
On a side note my last video showed that all the statues were intact, this vid shows that 2 of them have now been pushed off… It makes me so angry that people desicrate these site in such a way. Im not religeous at all, but why … sorry, i will shut up…


@Proteous what a magnificent building, thanks for sharing.
Very jealous that you have access to this.


What a beautiful building,do hope it will not be destroyed ,and will be given some TLC.Great flight BTW,very eerie!!!:+1::+1:

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Jay a very impressive video…may have to give it a go myself sometime as Im not a million miles away from it living in Wirral.

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