St Trillo's Chapel, Rhos on Sea

St Trillo’s Chapel

One of the most curious and historic buildings in North Wales also happens to be one of the easiest to miss. That’s because it is likely to be the smallest building of its kind in the UK. Located on Marine Drive in Rhos on Sea, St Trillo’s Chapel is widely considered to be the smallest chapel in Britain.


Superb pictures and such a lucky find. I would love to visit and capture a couple of pictures myself. Thank you.

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Thank you abbey yes you should visit very easy to find it if you know Rhos on sea saying that I’ve past in 100s times and didn’t know it was there lol till yesterday

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One of my first drone videos was there. Got accused of perving in a vanlifer who had parked on the top of the slip road and opened his van doors so the missus could watch the sunrise from bed. Mate, don’t open your van up onto a public footpath if you don’t want people to see!


Ha ha I didn’t even know it existed till other day and I’ve passed it 100s of times

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So cute, and hidden in the hill. Nice one :+1:

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