Stafford Castle

Yesterday’s flight


Edited the YT link to create the embedded player.

You had posted :

  • [Stafford Castle ](

But all that’s needed is the YT URL on it’s own line with no spaces before/after :

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That Dolly Zoom in the middle looked amazing and well executed :+1:t2: I really enjoyed that :slight_smile:

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OK so how do you do a dolly zoom, and what editing software did you use.

As you can see I was impressed with the video, and the editing, loved some of the transitions.

Hello sorry to disappoint everybody but the dolly zoom is not my amazing flying. Its a quick move built-in to the M avic 2 zoom. On the Mavic 2 pro you get an amazing camera and 10bit D-Log on the zoom you get this . To edit I use Final Cut Pro X

Very grateful for the feedback glad you liked it I’m in the process of trying to build my YouTube channel now, just designed a intro working on further content.

Still looked good even if it is a quick shot :+1:t2: I wonder if they will add that quick shot to the Mavic Air 2 now that they have added the zoom feature :thinking:

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