Star Wars flyer

I was going to sell this on eBay, has a mind of its own when flying and I haven’t used it for a long time. Checked the drone batteries, charging OK. Turned on the remote and it told me the force was weak and I had to load 4 new AA batteries. Took out the batteries and it reminded me again that the force was weak and to insert batteries. Hadn’t noticed this before but inside the battery compartment is a multi-LED sign, May the Force be with you, that flashed while reminding me to load batteries. As I went off to get some batteries, a different speech about the force being weak.

I can’t bring myself to sell it now.

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Yes, we already know this, we felt the disturbance in the Force.

(Yoda voice:) “Mm-mm, emotions control you they must not, Fruit Flystalker. Otherwise, to the Dark Side you may turn.”

Somewhere (perhaps not in a galaxy far, far away), is there a quadrotor Millenium Falcon for this faithful Jedi knight ?

Yup, sure as eggs is eggs: