Started off as a joke, Crocs Snow Plough

Challenged as a joke, thank you thingverse :joy:

Winter prepared


Looking forward ti a video of them in action at first snow as proof of concept…

You know what the holes in Crocs were originally designed for ?

to allow your dignity to seep out of

:coat: :running_man: :door:

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I used to think Crocs were ugly, wouldn’t be seen dead in them. Then I had a muscle problem in one of my feet, spasm that could go on for an hour or more. Tried all sorts of shoes, finally tried some Crocs. Most comfortable footwear I’ve worn in a long time, could wear them all day without a muscle spasm. I forgave their ugliness.

In a few weeks my light-up Christmas Crocs will be making their annual appearance, swapped out of the shoe cupboard for the palm tree Crocs.

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Totally agree. I got recommended them after an Achilles injury about 15 years ago.

Very comfy, just fugly .

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Really? My wife snapped her achilles a few years ago, needed an operation and a moon boot for a few months. She still gets bother with it, mmhhh…christmas present? :thinking:
Cheers for the heads-up :rofl:

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Theatre staff in hospitals wear them all the time, some of the Consultants have some very snazzy ones. They do look comfy I’ve just never tried them.

Despite them being the only brand named as a not-to-wear item in our Trust’s workwear policy :sweat_smile:

And you can put them through the dishwasher too

I won a pair of these in their Croctober competition, haven’t worn them yet, probably won’t outside the house.

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