Starting to feel as if I can actually fly the thing now!

After what seemed a load of bad weather and my having to Self Isolate for 10 days, I seem to have had some good opportunities to learn to fly my Mini 2.

I know it’s small victories, but when I visited Wharram Percy this last weekend a part was closed off and I managed to fly in and read the plaque!

(Famous last words - hopefully I won’t be back next week to report I’ve crashed horribly)


Great story, thanks for sharing John. Boy do I know that feeling. This year the weather has been dead against us drone flyers. Like you, I have not had a chance to go out and practice much. Everytime you DO manage to get out you add a bit more confidence in how well you can control your drone. Well done for pushing yourself. As they say, you can’t do it all at once, it is small steps. So onto the next step? I will look out for an aerial video of St. Martins church :wink: