Stoke City - Bet365 Stadium

After i managed to unlock the GeoZone quick clip of my fly today over the bet365 Stadium

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Bit of a faff isn’t it, the geozone malarkey?

Nice one though, one down, how many to go? :smiley:

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Great shots, how the hell have you managed to fly there , I have want to fly around the ground.
DJI gave me permission to fly but my phantom 4 would not take off?
I do not want to video the stadium,but the area around it?
Would love to know how you did please.


Are you from the Stoke area?would like to meet up , I live in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

Yeh from Stoke. Have to arrange a meet. Yeh yoi have to unlock the zone on the dji website. Once you have done that, they send you a code, enter that into the website and enter your controller serial number. Once you done that you need to go on the dji go4 app and under advance setting click on geozone and the zone will show that its unlocked. Click sync and your good to go. Tbh its abit of a faff, once you done it once its a peace of cake. Hope this helps. Oh you can only unlock a zone for 3 days max. Then you have do the whole process again for another 3days

Tell me about it. Il see how many i can do this year. Do a point of interest for each of the grounds

Hi thanks for the information, did most of that but did not sync with Dji app. Will try again,
Need to wait for some good weather?
What do you fly ?

I fly the Mavic Pro, Love it. Yeh you have to sync it within the app aswell

Hi Chris, have you been able to fly at bet 365?

Hi iv only flew there the one time. But now im a little bit more experienced id like fly it over again

Chris Hackney

Hi , I have tried to fly there would not let me take off, in there grounds? I did have permission from DJI who unlocked the no fly zone?

.700 is your friend in this situation ;o)

Did you download / sync that unlock to your app before you flew @jimvfrmoto750 mate?

Sorry for the late reply, not sure if I did , will have to try again.