Stop the transmitter charging the Android phone / tablet?

I do get irritated that the MP transmitter charges the display tablet I’m using. I’m not missing something, am I, I suppose I can’t stop it happening?

It’s just the way Android devices work I’m afraid.

OK, thanks for quick answer. Just have to make sure the tablet is 100% charged from the start, I guess.

Use an iOS device ;o)

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There’s an option to disable the charging , in DJI go 4, I hope this helps

Is there @stevelyt? Where abouts mate?

the three dot top left of the screen, then the icon that looks like the controller , its says charging mode , just turn it off, I hope this work for you

Is that on android or IOS @stevelyt?

I thought they added an option to IOS but Android was a hardware limitation. Could be completely wrong.

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that’s on my ipad, it seam to be an apple option ATM

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Can’t see anything similar on Android. :hot_face:

Because there isn’t.

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That would explain it…

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When I explored this, the only way was to root your device and set the phone so it wouldn’t charge at all via the charging port. There were also apps that changed the setting for you with the click of a button. You’d obviously change the setting back when you’re done flying.

Seemed a bit risky so I never tried…


Did you ever try modding a cable to disconnect one of the charge wires?
Chances are the Android device/app would object, or something.

To be honest it wasn’t that much of a big deal for me. Probably used my dedicated android device for 3/4 flights in total :joy:

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Mildly concerned about recharging the transmitter (and/or the tablet) when out somewhere without mains power…the Mavic car charger comes without USB output, and with a cigarette-lighter plug, only one of those sockets in my car so I can’t use a plug-in USB adaptor to provide power to recharge tablet or Mavic transmitter, if I’m recharging flight batteries. I don’t have the DJI adaptor that allows you to use a flight battery to recharge the TX.
So I bought one of those handy ‘power banks’ to fulfil both charging needs. Its only cable that comes with it for recharging it happens to have the correct USB plug to suit the tablet and the TX. Seems a simple and inexpensive solution. It will push out 3.4A at 5V, and has a 22.4Ah capacity when fully charged.

I, and many others, have used power banks for this. Important to me since I’ve done loads of trekking with my MP, and I’ve never had any problems.
I actually have a dedicated drone-phone and, usually, keeping just this topped up whilst walking has been enough. The RC manages to last as long as my 4 MP batteries … by which time I need to find power for them - and then fully recharge everything at the same time.

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appently this option to no charge the mobile devices is only available on the ios operating system