Story I shot on house prices in Whitby... in German!

Thanks again to those who gave me info on flying in Whitby. What a lovely place, nice people and good food!
For anyone interested, this is the story which aired on ARD, a german broadcaster just over a week ago. The aerials were with a Mini2 and the rest shot on an FX9. Any german speakers out there?!


I was just watching that, and thinking to myself “I wish I had a drone that could film like that”, then I realised you have the same drone as me!!

I clearly need more practice!

LMAO! They never cease to amaze me - amazing quality.

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Great article

Same story, the one with the England top exiting is my eldest brother, we all laughed because he said he wouldn’t leave the house again without a mask, what a liar :rofl: :crazy_face: :joy:

LOL - your brother owes you all a pint for being sussed!!!

Whitby is in Yorkshire, I would stand a better chance of Nicola Sturgeon buying me a pint of heavy