Strange... New FC with a pad with solder?

Just playing with my new FC for the 5 inch and just having a look at it, and noticed this blob of solder on a pad, very strange!

On a positive note… Connected it to the ESC with a battery and all 4 motors are working, so the ESC is OK! :slight_smile:

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Oh… Just downloaded and printed out the diagram to draw on where I’m going to solder everything, and it’s to do with LED control… Betaflight or on board! Doh… A “jumper” lol :slight_smile:

That blob is shown on the manufacturer’s photos…

Oooh @yith you’ve mentioned V2 Finders before and their strange wiring… You got the diagram there… Should I be using the Buz+ or the 5V and GND just above in the inside row of pads, and Buz- as the “Yellow” wire?

The signal is buz-. That must go to buz- on the fc.

If the fc has buz+ then that goes to 5v on the finder. Otherwise use 5v. They’ll be the same thing in reality.

Gnd goes to gnd

Cheers mate. Assumed the B+ was just a 5V, but two V2 finders both didn’t work on it… whilst cheapo amazon jobs did! Solder time… Wondering whether to use one of these new smaller GPS units, or go with the one I already had on it. It has the SDA and SCL cables too, I assume for compass, but never saw that working before.

Yeah SDA and SCL will be for the compass. I think thats only useful with iNAV… @Steviegeek ?

Thanks Jez, if that’s the case might go with the smaller one :slight_smile:

Worked out how to make the “bigger” one 10Hz and full baud rate, just need to wire it to PC :wink:


Lol was half asleep sorry mate. Saw earwig. More sleep less playing with drones :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It’s common practice, not just with flight controllers, to presolder jumper options when a physical 2pin/3pin physical jumper is not used. It’s an improvement over earlier methods where the user would have to cut a track on the cct board.

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Yep, compass connects here, use with INAV or Arducopter for RTH and waypoint missions etc… :+1:

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