Strobon crees again

I am thinking of getting some, 3 infact, 1 red and 1 white for the rear so I know which way it’s facing and 1 white for the front, will this be ok? or should I just use two? or do I need four to balance it out? ffs this is a longer question than I had hoped for :roll_eyes:

Don’t put any on the front, the camera will probably pick up the glare.

If the drone is any kind of distance away from you, would you even be able to tell which is left and which is right? And would you even need to know which is left and right? :man_shrugging:

I mean, if its close enough to see it you can tell which way it’s pointing. Plus you flew it there, so I’d hope you’d know which way it’s pointing :rofl:

And/or just look at the screen on the device?

I think you may be over complicating this one @Philw :slight_smile:

There’s a reason that strobes on planes are white, and navigation lights are constant colours. You can’t tell the colour of strobes most of the time. The light is too brief and too bright. It’s a flash.

Yeah! I always over think things, trouble is when it’s daylight I have trees, hills etc(they are also there at night :grin:) so when the drone is about 2-400 yards away it blends in(if that makes sense) I do use the screen for orientation when light. But, if I want to fly at dusk I would like to know where the f— it is

I’ve white one on the front and red on the rear. (with my years I just think of them as car lights, white on front etc. ) Just let’s me know the approx. direction it’s facing. If you put two on, as @PingSpike Rich says, if it’s far away, they will just blend together.
They are EXCELLENT for seeing drone, I sometimes lose concentration and can’t see drone on itself but these strobes show up brilliantly.
Dont we still have a discount for Flytron?

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We do, details in #members-only :wink:

Not if paying with Paypal :unamused:

There is - you have to go to CheckOut first, not the PayPal button, then use PayPal as the payment method later.


Never mind, it’s done now, this is why I would rather shop face to face and pay cash.