Struggle to Work With 4k? Read On

My mid 2015 27inch iMac struggles with 4k video rendering and playback even though it’s got 20g of RAM, it’s the pants graphic processor and old slow HDD that lets it down, stuttered video and freezing, but I have found a relatively cheap work around that solves the issue perfectly.

I picked up a second hand late 2012 15 inch Macbook pro for £200 on Facebook with an Intel Core i5 processor and 1.5gb of onboard graphics. I took out the 4g of installed memory and quadrupled it by wacking in the max 16g of RAM and ugraded the old 500g 5400 HDD to a 500gb SSD and Bobs ya Uncle, Fanny’s ya Aunt. It absolutely flies and works with 4k video with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Next is swapping the CD drive for another 500g SSD to use as an onboard Time machine backup

Total cost of £360. Of course this only works if you love your Macs and you have an old iMac/Macbook that isn’t upgradable. 2012/2013 being the last that were user upgradable before Apple decided to lock everything in.

Now also got my eye on a mid 2012 13inch MacBook Pro for £110.00 :smiley:


Crazy isn’t it that you can take an older base model, upgrade it and it works better than some newer models.

I still have (though it is likely going on Farcebook Market soon as a shiny new M2 Air is arriving) an old 2011 MacBook Pro that can still do the business, albeit a tad slower than other models, with an SSD and RAM maxxed out.

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Mad huh. Apple realised this in 2013 and locked everything to the mainboard. They’ve done everything in their power since to make it virtually impossible to upgrade, hence why I didn’t/couldn’t upgrade my 2015 iMac

That’s crazy
I got a mid 2012 MacBook Pro so mint ( you’d think it’s new ) maxed out 16GB ram 500 ssd that flies too can’t remember the ghz,however my brother bought a late one about 2019 he said how c&&p it was speed wise compared to mine,I’m not sure what graphics card mine as got & mainly use it for music but since I’ve had my drone that was going to be my go to edit for the drone footage.
I’ve stopped doing the updates tho as it did struggle a tiny bit at one point so had to downgrade which took hours :person_facepalming:t2: But it’s all good too go now,sorry for jumping in on the thread it was only when I see your post I thought what I put above.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing with the 13 inch I’ve got my eye on on Facebook. Upgrade it and use it purely for DJ work. My 5 year old Windows thing I’m using now struggles with Rekordbox and 114K music tracks.

That’s one thing that YouTube said when I searched making a bootable USB drive. Once done turn off automatic updates as it’ll try updating Catalina and fail and its a right royal pain in the arris to get things back to normal apparently.

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Yep I get it I use serato wish I learned with rekordbox but been with it 5 years now.
I see more scratch mixers using serato ( I don’t scratch mix btw ) but that’s what I learned with and it all sounds good so might as well stick with that,I’ve even turned off the updates for serato ( or don’t update rather ) had a bad experience with that too with the waveforms started glitching but rolled that back too,so now every now & then maybe treat myself to some new tracks & throw them in with the old.prior to the digital dj ing I had technics 1210 mk5 limited edition ( should never of sold ) :fearful::smile:

Edit MacBook is 13 inch too & well capable :+1:t2:

:open_mouth: Definitely should have held on to them puppies. Worth a packet now.

Rekordbox is what I started with so know nothing else. I’ve been a radio DJ for 8 years now but only doing live sets for a few months so still learning.

I’m adding shed loads of new dance tracks monthly so I’m thinking perhaps 1TB is now called for.

I didn’t realise how popular upgrading older Macbooks was until very recently. There might even be a bit of money to be made in doing a few :wink:

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I haven’t got that many :smile: but I try to keep them off the laptop & put on external hard drive / usb & plug in when using,I think that way it does run quicker also I keep copy’s god forbid anything goes wrong !

You saying that the guy that done mine for me about 3 years ago now,said back then I could probally fetch 500-600 for it,ok that’s a few years ago then bare in mind it had lost money before that,yes I agree if you can pick them up cheap enough speed em up etc I also thinks there’s money to be made,not sure how much but I quote this my friend “ the share of something is better than the whole of nothing “ :smile:

Sorry edit cost back then 16 gb ram
500 gb ssd & fitted 200£

13 inch mid-2012 Macbook Pro, Core i5, 4g RAM, 500g HDD on Facebook is £110 but you have to look around.

250g SSD for about £38 (Amazon deal) and 8g RAM for £28 (MyMemory deal)

Upgraded resale top price I reckon £250 to £300 max if your lucky so there is something to be made. Is it worth the agro? …jury is out on that one.

Well as you said agg yep I agree,with the cost of fuel travelling etc ( gone up ) hmmmmm what is there to make ok,let’s say you could do it all from the comfort of yr own home,Amazon deliver,ok the laptop you might have to travel which costs unless seller is willing to deliver ( maybe ).
Things getting harder to sell taken on board aswell,yep is a bit of agg I suppose then if you’re barely having to move and you could snatch between 50-70 on each & let’s say you done two a week then it’s just money for nothing I suppose,
Yes it’s peanuts to some but sadly times are hard out there and only going to get worse for a bit so I was just looking in a way “ every penny counts “ I suppose.

Jury’s been in & gone back out :smile::smile::smile:

I’ll contact dragons den :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Only problem I had when I installed Catalina is that photoshop up to Photoshop 6 will not install on it, cheers Len

I think that may be more to do with your Mackbook than with Catalina itself as it’s running fine on my iMac installation. Latest version of PS too.
Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 05.56.29