Stuck a BROTECT on my iPad - Don't like it!

In a desperate bid to use my aging iPad Mini 2 when flying I’ve bought a hood (3x sided, Pgytech) and a BROTECT anti-glare screen ‘protector’ (because I can’t see shit on my screen in daylight).

But I REALLY don’t like what it’s done to my screen.

What was once a pure unadulterated white screen (e.g. This forum box) now looks grainy almost. Not sure how best to describe it. A bit like a stippled effect.

Anyone else use a screen protector and come across this?

Was going to add a matte screen protector to my iPad mini 4, but apparently it already has anti-glare and from other posts I have read, it does, as you have found out, make things a lot worse.

I have the Pgytech hood too and it does the job for me.

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The 4 definitely has better anti-glare than the 2 does.

I’ll leave this protector on until I’ve tried it… begrudgingly!

Is it a tempered glass brotect protector or is it a film?

I have a bit of a liking for brotect and have used their glass on a lot of my stuff. Never had any issues.

I didn’t even know they made a glass version :open_mouth:

It’s the film version mate :+1:

They do. It’s called brotect airglass. That’s what I use. I haven’t tried the film’s.

I have a mini 2 and although I’m conscious of the poor glare in sunlight I always try and stand in some shade so it’s fine

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Must be my eyes, even in the shade I can barely see jack.

Dubious about this ‘AirGlass’ - its flexible?! But glass?

WTF :slight_smile:

Just ordered one on a punt, it can’t be any worse than what this plastic protector is doing to my eyes :rofl:

I’ve used this on my work tablet and phone and also on my Garmin sports watch.

I know it sounds crazy but it is extremely flexible and yes it’s also glass…when you get it there will probably be a border around the actual protector. Take this off and bend it, it will show you just how flexible it is and you can see when it breaks that it is indeed glass. It’s weird stuff but quite cool.

I’ve got zero complaints with the ones I’ve used.

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@PingSpike did you noticed any difference.

I’m looking at BROTECT AirGlass Matte Glass Screen Protector for DJI RC atm.

Thanks :+1:

EDIT: 5 YEARS LATER :scream: sorry I did a search so maybe there’s a more recent thread/post :thinking: