Stunning St. Ives Harbour, Cornwall

A short flight around the harbour at the beautiful stunning St. Ives, Cornwall, during the hour before sunset. My flight was cut short as a local emergency took place & I didn’t want to get in the way of the Emergency Services.


Hi @Jezbot great video. Can I ask which drone you were using and di you do much post production

Hey Steve. Thanks for the kind words. Most was the DJI Mavic Air 2S. Closer to the harbour wall was the Mini 2, due to the proximity of the people, & there were a couple of handheld shots using the DJI Pocket 2. All edited together using DaVinci Resolve with a bit of colour grading (not much tbh) and a couple of speed changes

@Jezbot Fantastic quality and there was no discernible difference from the 2 cameras used, well done. I’m looking forward to having a go myself here in Oxfordshire I will probably start with iMovie while I get to grips with Lightroom (working on a tight budget)

Another of your films which I enjoyed viewing when posted on Grey Arrows.
Were you standing in front of the lighthouse Jez?

Yes I was. Had to bring the drone in quickly when the lifeboat launched

Good luck. Practice practice. And enjoy :grinning: