Stunning views of Elterwater in the Lake District with mini 4 Pro

Elterwater is a village in the English Lake District and the county of Cumbria. The village lies half a mile (800 m) north-west of the lake of Elter Water, from which it derives its name. Both are situated in the valley of Great Langdale. Elterwater Bridge is a Grade II listed structure dating to at least the 18th century.

There is a National Trust Carpark next to the Elterwater Bridge, which was the start our stunning 13.5 km circular walk around the Elter Lake (another video out on that soon) and eventually coming back over the Skelwith Bridge following the river Brathay on the well maintained trail back to Elterwater carpark (you can see it in my video as I stayed in the cottage you see at the end of it). There is a pub and an excellent cafe in the small village centre and only 5 minutes from Ambleside.

Although the surrounding land is owned by the National Trust there it is open access and there are places where you can TOAL without trespass!

Drone Scene Entry


Some beautiful landscape & colours in there Colin, :clap:t2:

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Thx Rich. :+1:

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Very good sir :muscle:

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@YGTMedia Cheers John matey. :+1:

Excellent video Colin, worthy of Alan Titchmarsh’s inclusion on his Sunday morning program. :laughing::wink::wink::wink:

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@JockyB thx very much John… Never watched his show… hopefully not a bloopers segment. :thinking::joy::joy: The Lakes is a brill place to fly … subjects to film everywhere you look. :hugs:

I was rather thinking you might get featured on Mr Titchmarsh’s show ( like our Suzanne ) :wink::wink:

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@JockyB Thx John, its just me joking, and yes that would be brill and earn me another GADC coveted badge. :blush:


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@Stewrat Thank you Stuart the Lakes are just awsome, wherever you choose to fly,; you just have to get lucky with the weather. :crossed_fingers:

Another location to go on my ever growing list!

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Very beautiful, especially from the air.

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@Blue Thx Nick. It sure is an enchanting place to fly. :hugs:

Stunning scenery, very fortunate to have this on my doorstep with it being so close to home. I’m actually looking to upgrade to the DJI Mini 4 Pro - how have you found it?

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Easy Matt as I always keep it in a case by my front door. :rofl:

Seriously though, its almost exactly the same as my mini 3 Pro but the range is better and the RC more responsive to input (not the sticks as that’s the same too).

I sold the m3p and got a deal on the m4p so only cost me around £300 more. You get the benefit of 360 avoidance but TBH I fly cautiously and have never had the use of it. I use the cruise control a lot too but yet to experiment with the tracking features it has.

If you can afford it then go for it, but I was kind of sorry to see my wonderful m3p go but I did sell it to a worthy new owner! :+1:

PS thx for the comment much appreciated and you are soooo fortunate to have such a beautiful place on your doorstep.

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Hi @mattmardellburns, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

Why not nip over to the Introductions page, and say hello properly and tell us a bit about yourself. :+1:t2:

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