Submitting A Flight Plan for approval including FPV


There are app and information in the forum about planning a flight.

However has anyone had to submit a flight plan for approval?

  • How much detail is really needed ?
  • How does a FPV flight plan submission look like ? (I plan to crash here, here and here…)

I am thinking of making it very generic and putting together a NOTAM.

Maybe about a few paragraphs states flight about the building in this (enter GPS locations). With a few examples flights shown in Google-earth ?

Any experience?
Any templates?


Where are planning on Flying?

English Heritage site (sorry to be vague).

Creating a Notam would be the easiest, but would you need one? do you have their permission?

We have a ruin near me that I was contemplating flying but it is an English Heritage site and they have posted notices banning drone flyovers and recording, I am not sure if it is a blanket ban with English Heritage but I would check notices and get clarification if I were you

I am in negotiations.

@bmsleight try this as a starting point for a future template:


Excellent. Good starting point.


Definitely not sat here like a school girl peeing with excitement over you getting this negotiated…

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I think we have a good few tips above.

I planning to spend more time on it in next week. Now that we have a potential meet up

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Flight plans vary in detail according to who requests them.

For your purposes I would suggest:

Date of proposed flights

The times from start to finish of the whole exercise

The location (lat/lon and what three words) of the centre of the flight. and how big a radius around that centre you wish to fly within.

The maximum altitude you wish to fly at

That’s normally good enough for most ATCs but the organisation you will be contacting may want more - insurances, qualifications, aircraft type, colour of pilots’ socks …

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