Sudbury Hall National Trust Estate 360 Pano

Sudbury Hall NT Estate. You can just make out Vernon’s Folly above the NT Carpark and on the other side of the A50.


Please don’t take this as any kind of criticism… I only got my drone yesterday so I don’t know what I am doing right now so lots to learn…

I know we cannot fly from NT property so did you launch from the road or something? I ask specifically because we have a NT property near us (Antony House, Torpoint) and I would like to get some shots of the property but without breaking NT rules.

Any advice you can give would be useful :slight_smile:

Hi @Snaxmuppet .Yes no worries matey :+1:. I took it straight up from Sudbury main street. If you use Drone Scene, you can see where the NT boundary ends and where I launched from last time was there (other end of the road). The field opposite is not NT owned and I took this video from there. :+1:t2:

Hadn’t adjusted the sensitivity of the RC after an update so was a bit jerky. :rofl:

You can find Drone Scene in GADC main menu or follow this link:

NT’s are shaded in red (make sure you check the box in the list of hazards in the menu). :+1:t2:

Just be aware, dronescene doesn’t show all the land owned by the NT.

The full map is here : Discover Our Land Ownership Map | National Trust

Hmmmm. :+1: the book tower…

Good to know and useful info for sure but I’m only interested in the restricted land they own ie Quote frrom their own disclaimer on the map site is:

‘The boundaries shown in the map don’t represent the National Trust’s legal ownership boundaries and can’t be used for this purpose’

Their Open Access land is fair game as far as I’m oncerned. :rofl:

Not sure we can fly from the NT open access land either.

The Peak District, The Lakes, dozens of Parks … the list goes on; all over the Uk have open access NT areas. Most of which are covered by a plethra of drone videos. Dont worry too much about it. Be respectful and considerate and leave the place as you find it and you should be ok. :thinking: Restricted areas is another matter and you might find a Ranger on your case! :scream:

The byelaws cover all NT land.

Liability rests with the pilot.

Personal acceptance of the risk of breaking the law and all that may entail if caught …

Horses for courses …

Each to their own …

Caveat emptor … (should that be flyer beware? - Ed.)

P.S. I may … or not … have flown from NT land (who knows?)

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It’s all very well saying it is down to the individual pilot but there are big down-sides to doing something that breaches local rules, such as flying at NT (Any) sites…

Firstly it gives drone flyers a bad rap. If i ignore instructions/requests not to fly somewhere and I do it anyway, then people assume that all drone pilots are the same. It makes people against drone flying altogether and so they will be reluctant to allow it elsewhere in the future. It helps us all if we comply with the law, bylaws and local restrictions even though it is frustrating sometimes.

Secondly, if you have insurance I assume you have it because you feel it is a benefit in case something goes wrong and something gets damaged or someone gets hurt by accident. Well, if you fly outside the law and the regs and something happens then it is not out of the question for your insurer to refuse your claim. So if you do TOAL on NT owned land then yes, it is your choice, but you are quite possibly then flying uninsured. Worth considering.

I will never knowing TOAL on NT owned property and I will encourage others not to do the same. However, I do feel that the blanket ban is unnecessary and outdated and I will be doing what I can to encourage NT to get more up to date and to change their regs to allow drone flying at some sites providing sensible rules regarding wildlife and other NT land users are complied with.

having said that, they do not own the airspace above so if it makes sense I will fly over NT land providing I can do it considerately of wildlife, property and people - as with all my flying :slight_smile:

@Snaxmuppet Well said. I too have, as far as Drone Scene advises, have never TOAL on NT legally owned property. My flights near and over NT property have been at times when there was nobody around ie Sudbury hall was closed for renervation. I am a member of the NT and remain respectful and considerate to others and am unlikely to cause offence or bring the hobby into disrespute.

Check out other threads on GADC on this subject and you will see various opinions on this. Intrestingly, I have yet to come across a case where a pilot was taken to court over the breach of an NT bylaw as to do so would most probably cost them more than any fine imposed. We wait a test case for trespass.

A final thought, we would not be able to enjoy the wonders of nature open to us (another hobby of mine) because of those that openly trespassed (and were jailed and prosecuted as a result) on land they felt should be open to all resulting in the CROW act. Who knows the ancient Bylaw might be amended!

Or like a lot of people for OA16

Apologies, my previous post was a bit clumsy, and not aided by a couple of glasses of wine.

My point was that when it comes to NT land, if you want to avoid taking off from it, you must double check against their land map, and not solely rely on the NT layer in Dronescene.

Some people will be more risk tolerant than others. Once they know of this resource, if they decide not to use it then they must accept there may be consequences if they inadvertently TOAL from NT land.

I’m grateful for others pointing out what they may be e.g. invalidation of insurance / OA16, bringing the hobby into disrepute etc.

Just to clarify - I’ve never knowingly broken the NT byelaws since I became aware of their land map

You’ve got about 17 hours of daylight at the moment. Use those ‘closed’ hours wisely if you really need a shot of an NT/EH property.

A bit of planning and preparation is all you need. Especially if you need to rescue your drone if you clip a tree and need to get on the land. :wink:

What’s worse taking off on ‘their’ land or flying BVLOS :wink:

:point_right:You Do!:point_left:

Ahem! AdeZ aint NT is it?
I see its E.H.

Shouldn’t be doing either but if you want me to choose then flying BVLOS is worse. It contravenes the regulations and so it is possibly a criminal offense… taking off on NT land would be in breach of NT regulations and so it might be trespass or other civil matter.

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