Summer in Oxfordshire

The weather is so bad I’m recycling old footage. Anyway, I made a thing…


Nice. Commented & subbed to your channel. Take care.

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Thanks, that’s really kind

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And a very nice thing it is as well


The cyclist at 48 secs had a hell of a turn of speed!

It’s these electric bikes

Enjoyed that :+1: :+1: nice choice of music. Very chilled

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Thanks. I think a lot of this style of music works well with our stuff. Best of all, it’s free!

Was that big White House near the end of the video the Big house just outside Goring and Streatley?

Yes! It’s one of my regular spots.

I’m based in Tilehurst not far from Pangbourne :+1:t2:

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It’s a pretty quiet spot down by Goring. There’s often stuff on the river to keep it interesting

Have you tried Greenham Common old RAF Base. The nuke silos,fire plane and the control tower are still there and it’s a great place to fly

I haven’t. I’ll pop down once the weather behaves

What drone do you fly ?


It’s definitely not flying weather is it! I’ve just done the same today (recycled) with some of my very early footage that I had on my phone. :rofl::cloud_with_rain::dash: