Summer in Rhodes



Great shots, Off to Kalymnos (which is next to Kos) in March. Not a long way away from Rhodes. Hopefully get some flying done, although it can be windy there at that time of year.


Welcome to Grey Arrows @ElLobo

Some great photos there mate :+1:t2:

If you get five minutes, please drop by #introductions and say hi :wave:t2:


Thanks mate! I hope it won’t be so windy when you’ll be there and you can take good shots! Rhodes was quite windy when we were there especially the South of Rhodes where the Kite paradise is, but that is amazing.


Thanks Mate! I am going to visit #introductions :+1:


Hi Zoltan
Me and the wife love Greece did you have any issues flying there ?
Nice shots and love the colours


Beautiful photos @ElLobo - now really looking forward to some Summer sun :sunny:!


Hello mate!
I had no problems flying there, just follow the rules to make sure you are flying safely and legally. I love Greece, we’ll go back soon to another island. Our next trip is to Sardinia, that is a beautiful island. I look forward to see your shots from Greece.


Thanks @BrianB same here, I really looking forward to have some sunshine :sunny::palm_tree: We’ll go to Sardinia in May :sunny:


More excellent pics, @ElLobo!

These get you the Coastal Flyer Badge! :+1:


Sardinia is a fantastic island! Been there a few times - Phantom 2 + GoPro the first two times, Mavic Pro in 2017.

Which part(s) are you headed to?


We’ll go to Cannigione, North of Sardinia, but I’ll hire a car and drive all around the island. Any issue flying there?


I never had any issues - but I was mainly flying in totally unpopulated areas - and there are plenty in Sardinia.
The mountainous central eastern area is spectacular.
Great sandy beaches, and dunes, on the western coast about 3/4 the way down.

I’ve been there each time for the World Rally Championships.


Some shots near the sand dunes on this post …


Thanks very much Dave! I like to fly at unoccupied places, I hope I can make some good shots.


The problem with Kalymnos is that it has an airport, which may cause some flying restrictions.

I have been looking at this little Greek island for a summer trip …called Nisyros.

Google Earth 36.590000, 27.160000

It is an active volcano, where you can walk inside.
The island is only five miles in diameter, with many deserted beaches hidden away, and 2000 foot mountains to climb up.
Could spend a whole week going around on a hired push bike, and nowhere will be more than a few hours away.

Looks like it could be drone heaven.
Fortunately not exactly a major tourist destination, mainly day trippers on a one hour ferry trip from Kardamena port on Kos.

Looks like all remote Greek islands have a restriction zone, because they have a heliport. ( probably used just once a month ).

Really annoyed that Corinth and Ancient Corinth is restricted, that is my favourite place, was hoping to take the Mavic there but
not sure if it will be worth the risk.

Google Earth 37.890000, 22.870000


I don’t travel with the Drone (i have the balls to risk it)


Know the airport at Kalymnos as our property looks over towards it. It gets 4 flights a day at the peak of summer.
I will probably stay on the other side to the airport, quite a few km away, where there is a spectacular valley and a few “hiddden” beaches.
Nisyros is a beautiful place!