Sunny day, windy day, video

Just because it was way too windy to fly, it was too sunny to waste the afternoon … so, old phone on tripod in the garden running a lime-lapse app.


I do love a good timelapse with blue sky and clouds.

What interval did you use for that one?

10 sec. It’s an old phone and can’t manage 5sec for long. I seem to remember it’s stable at 8 … iffy after 10 mins at 7.
Would have preferred closer to 5.

So about 45 mins total?

Amazing what you can do with an old phone.

Been playing about with time lapses as well. Normally do one every time I’m out flying. Will put them all together for youtube when I’ve got enough.

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46.5 mins … :wink:
Yeah - time-lapses are fun.
Even something as mundane sounding as training my security camera, at night, and recording the bug action in the crap beneath the bird feeders becomes fascinating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of that, I’m getting back garden done next week. Complete renovation, digger etc.

I’ve got 2 Hikvision 2.7k cameras mounted out there.

I did wonder if there was any way to take a photo at intervals for a timelapse over a fortnight.

I think I’ll look into that!

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Sometimes, with things like that, when you only get one shot at it, it’s better to take video and retime it in post.
There can be times when there’s lots of action, times when little, and the net frame time-lapse to create the best result can vary.

Rather like a vid I did for an Italian friend (living in UK) of driving into/around the town where her grandmother lived. She’d not been there for almost 50 years.
To reduce the 25 minutes to something digestible, I varied the speed up and down depending how the scenery was flashing past.

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Right enough. I’ll pull videos off nvr every couple of days and cut out all boring bits, make it more manageable. Good project for a rainy day.

Alternatively, do it all in 1 sec lapse … fast enough for fast action, speed up the result for slow stuff. Less memory needed … lasts longer without swapping cards.

The 4 cameras are direct to an nvr, plenty of storage 4TB. Will need to get a look at the menu and see what it can do interval wise.

I know accessing the cameras directly I can ftp to a local share or something like Amazon S3.

I’ll look into it tomorrow after work.

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4TB of video will test the performance of Da Vinci Resolve! :rofl:

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Yeah that and my patience. :grinning:

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