Sunrise above the freezing fog

I near froze to death trying to get these photos on Friday…

The weather app on my phone promised no wind and no cloud and for once it was right! I was able to cruise at 400ft and there was literally zero wind. Made a nice change after the recent storms we’ve had :slight_smile:

What it didn’t get right though, was the sunrise time. I flew two batteries just while I was waiting for the sun to come up. And it was bloody freezing (hence all the fog), my hands were going numb :open_mouth:

Weird feeling though, being stood on ground level watching the horizon and not being able to see the sun at all, then looking at the screen showing the drone 400ft up and it could see the sun perfectly. Weird…

Some pics for you, taken from my favourite haunt, Wigan Flashes and Canal (as it’s lterally down the road from me) :+1:


Awesome shots, mate - that’s got to be worth a High Flyer badge. :wink:

Your fingers were frozen in a good cause. How did the Mavic perform in those temperatures?

Cheers :smiley:

The Mavic did really well, I really can’t fault it.

Precaution-wise, I was aware of the temperature out there, and my back pack was laying on the floor so that was slowly chilling too. So before each take off I powered on each battery in the drone and just let it sit there for about five minutes before starting the rotors. Just to give it time to take the chill out of the battery a bit. This had little-to-no effect on flight time, I usually start heading back home at 30% anyway - tend to play it safe.

No errors or warnings, a solid flight :+1:

Hurrah! Look out @yorkshire_drone you’ve got company on this badge :smiley:

The last shot is my fav… :+1:

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WOW!!! Fantastic photos!!! :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Good old Pennington Flash at its best! All of that damp, water, and freezing clear skies your courage at facing such adversity most certainly paid dividends.

Absolutely stunning images :clap::+1::clap::heart_eyes:

Hi Barry, this one was Scotsmans Flash, just off Poolstock. I’m over here on foot every day with :dog2: :paw_prints:

I know Pennington Flash well though, it’s about a 20mins drive from here :+1:


Thanks very much :blush:

@PingSpike awesome pictures, did you use any filters.

some good shots there ping. how come you were up so early?

Beautiful shots. Now that means I am gonna have to get my ass up and film some great stuff :slight_smile:

@JayForceOne That’d be a neat trick but filming with your drone rather than your ass might produce better results. :smile:

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Many thanks Mr Ping, if you could email the Sunrise image that would be mint… cheers appreciated

Especially love the last two. Great shots!