Sunset at Pitstone Windmill in the snow

A little explore of the Pitstone Windmill in the snow and cold of December 2022. Temperature was indicating around -6c during this flight but the Mini 3 Pro coped just fine.


Lovely photo!

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Wow, brilliant light, subject and composition. Jealous

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Now that’s a photo that you should be proud of… Well done, :+1: :+1: :heart:

How much, if any did you enhance tis one?

Hi Charlie, thanks for your comment. The only enhancements were a levels and curves correction in Photoshop. The light on the afternoon was amazing. I’d been the day before but typically didn’t have the drone with me so came back the following day as the forecast was similar.

This windmill has been flown over, around photographed thousands of times in different lighting conditions, yet everytime someone takes another photo, it’s still amazing how great these shots look, it’s one of the little gems in the area that just screams for attention​:+1::+1:

Wow that’s beautiful

Nice :+1:

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