Sunset at Snettisham

I know it’s a day late. I couldn’t upload it until today. But I thought i’d share anyway.
Sunset at Snettisham beach 31-5-19. Also managed 164kph. It was a little choppy!


I have to say, I’m simply in awe of the photos on here. I feel lucky to be surrounded by people with such talent and an eye for a photo and the ability to share these. It makes mine very mediocre.

Nah, no talent on my side! Just the ability to share. :grin:

Right place, right time helps!

Massively! The skies cleared just at the right time. Was very nice. It was hard to get a horizontal shot (this is a screenshot from a shaky video) because of the wind.

Is that how you clocked 164? What were you flying?

Yeah. I went with the wind. And put it full throttle. Its a 5" self build on a 4s battery. I’d put a picture on of the stats, but when I spun round into the wind, it shot up in height. I don’t want to incriminate myself! I brought it back down sharpish. Honest mistake.

So a quad like that wouldn’t take stills anyway would it? Nice grab though…good to know that even with crazy speed machine you don’t have to compromise your artistic integrity!

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Cheers man.
It could, if I wire up the hd cam to a pwm output to take singles, but it would be so awkward as it doesn’t have a hover mode so it would have to be a lucky shot. Plus I don’t want to mess about pressing buttons when flying without a hold mode, as I’m still learning to fly well.

You know you want to do that anyway! If it can be done, it should be done, whether useful or not! Otherwise, why would I ever have bothered wiring my DJI goggles up to a Chromecast dongle to watch streaming movies in a box attached to my head? It was possible, so needed to happen.

True words. I’ll have a pop with setting it up.