Sunset at the wind farm

Managed to catch a rather nice sunset at the local wind farm. Kept a nice safe distance whilst battling the fairly strong wind, but the Mavic di me proud.

And some snaps


The Video Is Stunning @Jcborden

And Again the Second Image Is Perfect , As Is Number 3

You seem to see each shot and framing them better as you go on.

You must enjoy see the Results of this shoot.


Thank you, yes really enjoyed this and almost missed it as it started to rain so I packed up but on the way home it cleared up and I saw the rays of sunshine in my rear view mirror and just had to turn around.

Learned a valuable lesson though in that ISO 400 is very grainy so my final shots were not great.


That is easy to fix In Photo shop you In This Order

Open the image in Photo shop

Then go to Filters

Select Noise

And The Hit the Despeckle option and that will reduce the noise

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I’ll give that a go - thanks

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You can apply this more than once but do not over do it as it can reduce sharpness if over apllied .

Just PM if you need me .

And your Welcome @Jcborden

Yeah, I’ll say :open_mouth:

AMAZING photos and videos mate!!! :clap:t2:

I love sunrises and sunsets, the pictures here are absolutely stunning.

Would you mind dropping a pin on the map at showing where we could park?

Thanks :smiley:

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Many thanks! Location now added.

Thanks @HE15RGP the Despeckle works rather well.

If You Follow the same steps there is an option to Reduce Noise also, James