Sunset - Costa Adeje (Non Drone)

It is indeed and the one behind is La Frontera I think. Never seen it before as it’s normally to hazy.

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The sunsets on that side of the island are amazing, nice pic chap!

The only bother I got in Tenerife with my drone was when I tried to use it on the balcony, to film a hyperlapse of that same sunset. It was stationary, sitting on a ledge but we were overlooking a pool and some fat chav complained that I was filming her mini orca (plus implying I was flying it around the resort, which I clearly want!) and security asked me to turn it off… Used my phone instead but the quality wasn’t nearly as good in low light… Humph

Thanks for the nice comment on the image @Lozzer. It’s certainly a place to get some good sunsets when it’s not to hazy. Out on a boat this evening whale watching so may get some better shots out at sea.

As for your drone hyperlapse, it just goes to show that there’s always someone who will stick their oar in and spoil an opportunity for people who are just doing something they like to do.

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