Sunset of the hottest day of the year

Sunset over London on the hottest day of the year.


Top photo in particular is stunning! Were these with the Mini 3 rather than Mini 2?

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Thank you @geoff - yes these are indeed taking with the Mini 3 and I did some slight colour grading and adjustments in Lightroom.

The capabilities of of the Mini 3 in low light settings are impressive:


Yes I’m very impressed with what I’m seeing from the Mini3. Seriously considering upgrading, just a bit hesitant from forum comments re poor range and the controller with screen being a bit disappointing. Are you experiencing any glitches? For everyone that posts a negative comment there might be 10 that are thrilled to bits🤔

Honest opinion - I expected a bit more from the DJI RC. The built in android system is not as responsive as my iPhone plugged in the RCN1 (mostly because of less computing power I would assume) and the flight log upload is a bit more clunky/slower but I do like the extra buttons and compactness/ease of setup.

With regards to range, I only had slight issues when flying in very built up areas (London East City Centre - maxing out at 300-350m, but thats usually the limit of VLOS in these areas anyway). I cant scientifically compare it to the performance of the RCN1 but think it was only slightly more reliable in this area. On open field I did not have any signal issues so far.

Overall I am very happy with the drone itself, I didn’t have any issues so far and love the extra features (active track, hyper-lapse, night photography capabilities). Would I have gone with the DJI RC package again? That I am not so sure about.

As you mention ‘upgrading’ I assume you have a Mini 2? It could be an option for your to go for the ‘no RC option’ and simply use the RCN1 to fly. You could still buy the DJI RC later as an add-on should you want it! :blush:

That’s really useful feedback, thank you! Yes it’s the Mini 2 that I have. That’s a thought re the no rc option. Thanks again🙂