Sunset over Criffel. Pano

I have not been that active of late. But I managed to get out for some of the most amazing sunsets over the last week.

This is Criffel a hill in Scotland, taken from the English side over the Solway Firth.

The car park is descried in the following Drone Scene post.


Beautiful photo, I live not far from there and there are some amazing sunsets over the Criffel. In fact I can just put the drone up from my garden and have taken some shots over there.


I have tried multiple times, but mine are rubbish.

Any tips to create something as nice as this @Rusty21 ?

It was a 5 picture lightroom merge.

3 shot aed and a lot of lightroom tweeking

Thanks, I put the Mini 3 Pro up from my front garden took a few shots and this was the best one. I waited 'till the sun got just low enough before taking the shot.

Get yourself Luminar, it will make sunsets punchy and bring out the best in them. As it will for most photo’s.

This is so beautiful. Is this straight from the drone? I have a mavic 3 and trying to understand whats the best way to get panos like this. any advice will be appreciated.

Its just a 3x AEB 5 times so its 15 images all together.

I waited till the sum started to set so that some of the brightness was taken away.

There is also a lot of contrast control in Lightroom done so that the sun doesnt just over take the picture.

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