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Just wondered if anyone can recommend a good sunset / sunrise app. I have been on the Google App store and downloaded a few and then deleted them because they make claims that they don’t llive up to. I just want a simple app that gives sunset and sunrise times in my location or any other location I enter so I can time my travel to the place to get some decent shots. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mind paying for the app if it’s any good.
Cheers in advance.

If you want the best one - PhotoPils. Not free, does amazing things, but it does so much it all seems smoke and mirrors unless you go through their tutorial videos. Great for working out when the sun/moon will be visible behind a certain location when you are at another. It does a lot more.

Simple app - Golden Hour.


I just look at my weather app - Met Office

It means that I can see the sunrise / sunset times and if the weather is going to allow flying all in the same app.


That’s what I use too

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PhotoPils provides so much more info than the sunrise/sunset times. Far, far more. That info alone doesn’t provide full angular information.

No point travelling to a certain place and discovering what you wanted to have inline with the sun/moon is way off at completely unusable angle.

I’ve used PhotoPils to plan a sunrise photo some miles away, checked the forecast for cloud some hours before (obviously), driven 50 miles and positioned myself in the exact position to get Corfe Castle with the sun rising behind.

It would take a lot of wasted journeys to achieve that without.

It would be easy to think you have planned the correct position only to get there and find that the ridge obscures the sun as it rises, etc. That can all be accomplished in PhotoPils.


Thanks very much. I am going to look at it right now. :grin:

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Just bought Photopills thanks.

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Cool! :+1:

As I said above … it does so much you really do need to take the time to work thought their tutorial videos to get the best out of it and for the features you use most to become straight forward.
In fact it does so much I quite often have to do a refresher watch on some of the features I use less often.
I used it recently for working out the shadow direction and length cast by a folly, and had forgotten exactly how to do that.
Things like that make it useful all day/night for sun and moon.

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Check out It’s my go to app and it’s free. I’ve been using it for years for my landscape photography.


Agree totally.

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I am on their website right now.

It looks good - I will download it and see how I go.

Hello😀 You want the “Golden Hour” app from the PlayStore.

It tells you all the phases of Sunrise and Sunset and even shows the direction the sun will be at a set time👌

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UAV forecast. It’s free and tells you everything from wind to rain to sunrise and sunset. Here’s a screen shot. Note the square on the left which gives sunup and sundown times. It’s easy


I also use the Met Office app it gives good forecasts, sunrise and sunset times and more…


I was just about to add this too…

Just downloaded. Looks very good - on a comparison with the Ephermeris app.


Hi All,

does anyone know of an app or website that can predict when a sunrise/sunset will likely be a ‘picturesque’ one?
I would like to plan to take some shots and videos of various places around Somerset, which would entail getting to the location ahead of time and get the drone up.


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As with most things … usual enough for there to already be a thread on it. :wink:

Moved your post here.