Super Hydrophobic Coating


Has anyone used or concidered using a super hydrophobic coating on their drones?
I doubt cameras and motors wouldn’t take kindly to it but it might be useful on the rest.


And they’re the parts that probably need the most amount of protection :smiley:

Does the Mavic Air have a big inlet duct behind the gimbal, like the Mavic Pro does?

I think that’d be another concern re water ingress.

Still, depends what the objective I guess? Planning on flying in the rain @Mixyblob ? :thinking:


No, I spend a fair while flying over a tidal river (Tavy). I was wondering if dipping the whole thing in this stuff, except motors and camera, would protect it, should the Air decide to take a dip one day.
I can’t see an air intake behind the camera but there is an air inlet or exhaust on the top at the rear.


I’ve been thinking about this too - the last time I flew in fog - the M2 was SOAKING wet when it landed!

Possibly this?

Or something like this…


On the basis that it’s really the internals (electronics) that need protecting, chances are any warranty/care-refresh is totally invalidated if you were to use any coatings.


Good point.


That’s if you’ve got care refresh
I didn’t bother so I will be damned forever
May look into this carefully though


Why bother, just buy one of these!

or this one




The Spry is nearly as cheap as an Mavic Pro.


Just thinking of maybe getting one of these swellpro drones myself,as would mean i could fly a lot more?
Only thing putting me off is it seems rather limited in range,as in only wifi?:disappointed::disappointed: