SW London Approved Flying Area - Morden

It’s not the Grand Canyon or the Wye Valley it’s SW London but it’s an approved flight zone to have some simple flying fun, practicing and experimenting with different equipment settings.
I use a Spark, which is more than enough technology and stuff for me to have some simple drone fun.


I am not to far from there


Is this the one next to the swimming pool?

Dunno never been there i think it is

Yes the Health club is on one side and the Wyevale Garden centre on the other.

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It’s by Merton College.

Both Merton and Sutton are ok to fly in but please keep it sensible; we don’t want them to have a reason to change the bylaws.

Here’s a video I did ages ago of the area while testing my then new, Xiaomi Mi4k.

I was comparing the new Mi4k with my Phantom 3 Advanced. So I used the Phantom for a similar flight.