Swellpro splash drone 3

Out for a fly on the prom today and spotted a splash drone in the air. Scouted round and found the owner, I waited for him to land it, then went up for a chat. Nice guy pretty much just learning how to fly, he’s going to use it for fishing.
I didn’t ask if I could fly it before you ask, but I did pick it up. God all mighty it’s heavy, no wonder he only gets 10-12 min flight time.




Going to add one of these to your list Steve mate? :smiley:

I should living by the sea .:grin: but for what I use them for I don’t need it. But who says you have to need something to buy it. :wink::wink::wink:

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Still want one though!:pleading_face:

They now have a Mavic sort of style as well as the Phantom-alike Splash 3. At 800 notes it seems a little more affordable …

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Tempted @macspite? :thinking:

Only single axis gimbal :frowning:

@pingspike - as I live by the sea I AM tempted. I’m only about £750 short of the purchase price :frowning:

@stevesb - single-axis gimbal is the big downside. And it doesn’t look like a great deal of pitch movement either.

This is apparently footage taken by the aircraft:

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Hi there, yes am looking to purchase one of these drones, are they good?

I don’t know how well they perform or if they live up to expectation but I have a slight concern over pricing.

Buying in the UK the cost is shown on the website for the base aircraft and (I assume) controller and one battery… Any camera is extra. Batteries - which appear to be a standard 5200mah 4S with an XT60 connector are just over £100 each. Then VAT goes on top. And customs duties - so the cost mounts.

There IS a UK distributor apparently - VASPBA in Weymouth. They don’t seem to be too active in retailing or promoting the product.

TL;DR Don’t know and pricing isn’t fixed

Hi there, they do seem to be at the top end of the pricing. Are you sure the camera isn’t with the drone? They look very robust and solid, but I guess until you get one you don’t really know. But I will take on board what you say and do a lot more research before I commit any purchase.

Have seen some reviews on you tube of the swellpro,the controller is waterproof also. looks like a solid bit of kit,but,as said,pricing is a bit on the high side,having said that,it would certainly be good for flying over water,and,or in the rain. yes i too have thought,more then once of getting one of these! :wink: :wink: :+1:

Hi their Firefox, I like the thought that it is waterproof, both the drone and the controller, you can fly safer over water even if you crash in the water. Good looking drone as well, I think the SwellPro Spry is £979.00 which isn’t to bad. I paid more for the Mavic 2 Pro which is a very good drone handles well in the wind really very windy today but handled it well.

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Hi Stuart,yes,i do agree and to be honest,i would very much like to have an all weather drone. Hmm ,will have to have another look! One thing i do know,is you will NOT get the same sort of range as we do do with our MP2 ! apart from that,i still think it will go plenty far enough considering it will more the likely be used in the bad weather. I will have a look ,and see what i can find,and let you know if i find any good deals! :wink: :+1: :+1: Cheers…

Thinking of investing in one of these waterproof drones, good right ups about them. Not bad looking either, like the colours of the drones. They look very durable on Youtube. What do you drone people think?

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interested to see replies on this

Just watched a video of one in Hawaii, the flyer didn’t seem too impressed! Are there any colour alternatives because I believe that for the UK, simple colours have to be better then they don’t stand out quite as much.

Was that this drone of the Autel Evo 2 video - re issues with props that’s currently doing the rounds?

Not sure, unless its made by the same people. Swellpro splash drone 3