T-shirt and Cap

I’ve just ordered a GADC T-shirt and cap. :dark_sunglasses:



Waiting for mine to arrive, it’s been shipped.
Wish they did a zip up type hoody!

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They used to !, then when they cocked my order up (due to bad colours) and I had to re-order it. The choice of a Zipper type Hoody had been taken down from the site.
Would have thought that would have been more popular than what is now on there !.

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We could have added one back in to the store, but nobody ever asked :man_shrugging:

Speaking for myself, I never knew we could do that.
As I certainly would have had what I originally ordered, not what I now have.

Try us sometime Chris mate, we’ll oblige where possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks Rich, I was not aware that GADC controlled directly what was For Sale, on the website (until now) muchas gratias !

Ok @PingSpike could you get them to add a zipped style hoody sometime. :wink::grin:


(can only print on the back of this one)


You mean to tell me, I gotta buy another one ,:rofl:

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That’s what I wanted in the first place, nice one @PingSpike
Can wear the T-shirt under that’ll give me the logo front and back now :joy: :rofl:
Can’t find any promos at the minute though :sob: