Tablet for Mavic Pro 2




I love my Pro 9.7 screen size…


I use a mini 3. It works fine (so far) but the 4 would be better.

To the OP, I’m also an android only guy but the iPad is a decent tablet for these things. It’s just the file transfer system that’s ropey.


Ah right, I was told the 3 didn’t work.


Only when you’re trying to mix and match, my Macbook has no issues ;o)


I use the Neewer holder with an ASUS 8" android tab, works great for me


Ive got the same S9+ moby but did bite the bullet and got a smart controller. Controller is fine but the kids haven’t eaten for over a week now! :wink:

Sounds like iPads have the large screen thing sewn up. I should think the iPad 4 mini will be a great upgrade in terms of screen size. :+1: .


Lol I’m sure they’ll be ok!