Tablet for Mavic Pro 2


Morning guys. I have a Samsung S9+ phone which I have used for my drone but I don’t really want to use my phone for screen purposes for the drone.
I have a Samsung Tab Pro, a massive display, probably larger than 10" but it’s far too heavy and it’s a touch slow on response.
I’m not an " i " person…
What 8" Android tablet would work nicely with the Mavic Pro 2 controller?


Smart controller?


Sorry @milkmanchris, not knowing exactly what you mean. I can try to answer… I don’t use I-phone or I-pad etc. I’m looking for a lighter tablet to use with my RC1A controller… That’s what it shows on the back of it


Have you considered the smart controller as an option to a tablet


I have several options of display for my drones, Ipad, Tablets, Phones.
I had the same problem with the Tablet or Ipad being to heavy, so, i purchased a Tablet Holder that fits on the top of a Camera Tripod.
It means having a lead from the controller to the device, but that’s no more than you would have to do anyway.
Plus, it leaves you free to control the drone without having massive screen attached.
I have shown this to several members on here ,who thought it a good idea.


Yes it looks very good but slightly pricey for me at the moment. I definitely thought about it and it’s still in consideration, thanks @milkmanchris


@chrisjohnbaker Yes it’s a good idea. Only thing, your movement gets restricted quite a bit. If you have to move, you will need to grab that and then you only have one hand on the controller. Unless I’m reading your message wrong.


Why would you want to move?, the RTH would be set from where you are standing/taking off with you drone.
The idea of this is if you are intending on not moving location.


True yes


i certainly don’t go “walk about” when i am flying, and never have.


I have had Android phones since they came out, I always used to say I would never be a sheep and follow the i crowd.
That was until I bought a Phantom 4 and the Android tablets that I tried were useless, I decided to try a secondhand iPad Air 2, I have not looked back.
I still would never own an iPhone and I now use a iPad pro 9.7 with all my DJI quads and wouldn’t use anything else.


Im pretty much the same. Android phone, tablet, TV but I do have an Ipad mini 4 for flying and its never let me down.


Very interesting. I’ll have a look. Thanks @MementoMori @callum


I am not stuck when it comes down to choice really ,
3 Sony Xperia Phones (2 older models, 1 brand new) with 5.5" displays, that all work fine with any of my drones + and Ipad Air 2 and also a Sony Xperia 10" Tablet.
So i would be a aloaf at nearly £570 for the DJI Controller, besides…
"If it ain’t broke, don’t mend it "!


I shadow MementoMori, i have always had android, i hate IOS with a passion… but and its a big BUT i tried 4 or 5 android tablets to fly my Mavic Pro and they all sucked, 3 of them are on the ‘approved’ tablets list but they all suffered video lag to some level or another… So i bit the bullet and purchased the latest 2018 ipad 9.7. OK its a bit large and most people prefer the mini but i love having a massive screen to fly with. Take it from an ’ i ’ hater, the ipad is the best way to go. and at £309 brand new (what i paid) you could end up paying more for a decent android tab that works properly.
i use this to hold it… its great


I meant to suggest the mini 4 but forgot, the mini 3 doesn’t work and the mini 2 does but is now getting a bit hit and miss.

I did you the very same, I then moved onto a Neewer but have since bought a Mavmount.


@callum @proteous Thanks, I’ve bite the bullet and have entered the " i " world by ordering an i-Pad mini 4


Don’t mention it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Amazing what 6 hours can do.

Don’t ask us about Macbook Pro’s, it could be an expensive weekend ;o)


I use an iPad pro 9.7 sometimes nice big screen for my tired eyes